Shoubunsu opened a branch-boot in one of the largest shopping centers in the Ginza area GINZA SIX.

In the GINZA SIX shop we handle our premium vinegar with the producing method that we have been inherited for over 300 years in Okawa, Fukuoka prefecture, using only carefully selected ingredients, also putting much care in the design.

In addition, you can also enjoy the product lineup unique to the GINZA SIX store, which includes delicatessen topped up with brown rice vinegar, pickles, delicious Nankan inari sushi cooked with brown rice vinegar, and “Suitsu (sweet)” a collaboration with patissier Mr. Kazuo Noguchi.

Some items recommended as seasonal gifts or souvenirs can also be ordered through the online shopping service.

We closed the shop in January 2021 because of The pandemic of COVID-19.

Thank you for your visiting!




発酵酢屋 庄分酢 GINZA SIX

Location:Ginza 6-10-1 (B2 Floor), Chuo-Ku, Tokyo #104-0061 JAPAN
Open Hours:10:30~20:30